Two New California’s Mission Statement


Our mission is to make California a new and golden state again.  Splitting California doesn’t mean sacrificing parts of our beautiful State, it means divvying up our government operation to more manageable proportions to keep our Golden State golden. There will be no deep crevices to prevent one from taking a California road trip.  Let’s be real.  

Right now California needs “Hope You Can Believe In.”  You will find that the logic of that conclusion is undeniable.  One of my favorite Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, said, “A little rebellion now and then is medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

Fact:  North Dakota and South Dakota have the same power in Washington, D.C. (two United State Senators each) as the states of California and New York combined.  The combined population of the two Dakota states is about 1,500,000 citizens compared to California and New York’s 57,000,000.  How undemocratic!    That is wrong and it should be changed.  Let us begin to correct that inequity of representation here by dividing California into two new states.  Only two words need to be used to describe the advantages we get from dividing our golden state.  We would get to “START OVER.”

No matter what you might be doing in life and where you are, this is a wonderful opportunity for you and California!